As transcribed by Zeke Roscar:

Mukaloo had his children, and the six of them ruled.
His mind, freed from the daily work of running reality, fractured.
His children forged the Cosmic Key, and trapped him with his drow servants.

The Bloodlines forged Houses, and they all worked together.
As the years wore on, the Bloodlines passed into Legend, passing their Seed to the Houses.
Crenshar left to explore, but left his own Seed hidden.

Mad Mukaloo was freed, and he started to rampage.
The Gawds bled, and died by the dozens.
In the midst of all this, Crenshar himself was reborn by the pain of a mortal named Carter Freya

It was Crenshar’s design to make the world’s loss be his gain.
He gathered the artifacts needed to leash Mukaloo once again, making him needed.
Hadar and Roland journeyed there, but soon after left the land.

Lord Roscoe had risen by their actions, though he was also struck down, and joined the battle.

In the climax of War, Erdrick and his fellows forged Hank from the Key, mithril and soul.
He and the few who remained struck the Master.
Neal, youngest of the House of Fire and minor Gawd of Vengence, struck the final blow.

In Hank Mukaloo was trapped, but his power travelled through Neal’s red blade.
Called the Reforging, the newly born Arkenon spun off the stolen essences of dead Gawds.
They were remade as he was, though he was split in three forms by the new power he held.

Many years later, when Devils were unleashed, many Gawds perished.
Arkenon pulled those who remained into the South, to gain new worshippers.
Only Roscoe remained, with Amnestra he saved the elven people, and became their new patron.

Hank also stayed, tunneled deep under the earth. Dwarven peoples rejoiced.

Whitefire’s journey, the Tour of Hell, ended with him cleansing the land.
The people remaining welcomed the old heroes, and worship of them began to flourish.
While Charlie and Crenshar battled sorely, the land was crushed between them.

The search for the Seeds was soon next, as the Seed of Fire was split.
The Lost Gawds were called forth, though soon faded away.
Nina rose to claim it, but soon after fled. Litany called her, to places beyond.

The Seeds of Earth and Water were forever entwined, by the blood of their owners, and Charlie’s pride.
When Bardock called, he was promptly denied. The whisper of Marid was not even heard.
Once Crenshar’s dead, Charlie would rule.

This last part is written differently than the rest of the page. The words float slightly above it, and swirl around a bit…

When the Scion of Air disappeared into the night, a crack in the sky opened overhead. The Gawds found the Seed, and battled briefly. Seven keys were left when it was destroyed. Two went to Charzacht, known as the Black Wind. Two to a mortal, known as Bright Blade. The remaining three scattered on the wind, and landed afar.


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