Roland Whitefire
Gawd of Justice, Might and Cold

Alignment: Lawful Good
Home Plane: Prime Material (Esox)

A mortal hero in his early life, Roland was a servant of Nagol Shadowmaster, Arwen Flamehair and Nicole Brightheart. He joined the Vagabonds of the Setting Sun, and remained with the group until the first incarnation split up. His infamous public dishonoring of the last remnant of Yinomi led to their death at his hands.

As a result of the War in Esox, he ascended to that pantheon. One of his first acts was to battle through the Nine Hells, ending up on Cirdun again when he got past the ninth layer, in an event known as the Tour of Hell. Later, his worship was invited by Arkenon and he also became a member of the Cirdun pantheon.


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