Lord Roscoe Goldenclaws, Shadowmaster and Silverleaf
Gawd of Self-Reliance, Elves and Mystery

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Home Plane: Prime Material (Amnestra)

Lord Roscoe came to power while a member of the Penumbra Arcana, having utilized Mukaloo’s Wish to split his time between the Vagabonds and the PA. He was eventually killed in both cases, the second by Roland Whitefire himself. However, the clerics of Charlie he employed resurrected him. He used the Claws of Mastery, obtained from Crenshar via a deal with Hadar, to siphon off the sorcerous power of the Spellbatteries into himself and thus ascend to Gawdhood.

As a mortal, Roscoe Tealeaf was a doppleganger sorcerer and and a founding member of the intrepid Vagabonds of the Setting Sun, along with his longtime friend Hank.

During the Tour of Hell, Roscoe moved Amnestra over the Great Forest, and fought side by side with the elves, earning the right to be their patron.


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