Light Rising Temple

This gloriously beautiful temple is devoted to the Gawds of Good. Located in the Southwest quadrant of Amnestra, it is divided into three major wings, as well as five minor ones.

1. Whitefire’s Glory
This temple/festhall is the largest wing, devoted to those who seek to destroy evil, then party knowing the world is safer.

2. Hadaran Cloister
The Hadaran contingent is primarily a study hall, with libraries and labs for mages devoted to the Lord of Magic to seek new spells. Many other sages who venerate him set up here.

3. Hearthome
Nicole’s eager followers perform weddings in the central hall here, and there are many private halls for more personal celebrations. It is important to note that Nicole’s followers maintain the minor wings.

a. Arwen- An eternal flame still burns in her memory. After her passing, the priests of Hearthome remember her as ‘Burning Heart’
b. Monique- Her death and subsequent replacement by Whitefire is remembered here, and the priests of Hearthome still chant the name ‘Pureheart’
c. The True- Once the living lord of justice, The True became an abstract concept and faded away. He sometimes still calls Paladins to duty at this shrine.
d. Valen- The death of the Air Scion is remembered here, and speculation runs amok at who holds his lost power.
e. Arkenon- When he was split, Arkenon’s Good form was the bringer of hope. the priests of Hearthome still venerate the combined Gawd as “Bright Heart”

Light Rising Temple

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