Penumbra Arcana-The masters of Amnestra, they field the battle mages known as Penumbra Knights, as well as command the Skyknights. They control the Spellbatteries and the Battleborn, and thus Magitek as well.

Shadow Guild-Hidden leaders of Shade, they master a corrupted form of Magitek known as Necrotek which uses the life force of their slaves. They oppose the PA at all costs, using assassination, torture and dark magic. Their goal is to bring Amnestra itself down.

Geomancer Union-Cousin order to the PA, the Geomancers are primarily druids and clerics of Arkenon, along with sympathetic mages. They use ley lines to power their own green Geotek, and strive to bring the natural world into Shade and Amnestra.

Amnestran Resistance Movement-An ancient group forged by opposition to the PA, the ARM is a military force known for their Dragoons. They live thoughout the city and desert, and wish to overthrow the rule of mages and free the Spellbatteries. They claim the original Vagabonds amoung their past members.

Vagabonds of the Setting Sun-A name filled with current Gawds and dead heroes, the title has been appropriated by a mysterious new group.


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