Gawd of Dragons, Contracts, Intrigue and Lies
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Home Plane: Dragonhome

Crenshar is a member of the Bloodline Generation, the only member of that group to be discussed in the present tense. He, along with his brothers and sisters, spent much time and effort in the forging of the Cosmic Key. Crenshar donated an artifact he forged known as the Band of Crenshar to the effort. It, along with the Helm of Crenshar, were left on the Prime Material when he and his siblings retreated into the Higher Planes.

When the Cosmic Key was broken open, Mukaloo escaped. The plans Crenshar had laid came to pass. A mortal known as Carter Freya defeated a dragon who schemed to claim the artifacts. When using them himself, his body became the vessel which drew the Gawd back from his journey.

He participated in the War, frustrating Hadar Pegasi and later gaining the enmity of the powerful twin Gawd Charlie. The two did battle for many years afterwards, even though the Tour of Hell.

Today, Crenshar maintains his avatar in the southern Morgards, overlooking the Passage Desert. His minions constantly raid and are raided by Charlie’s Yinomi, looking for advantage in their little private blood war.


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