Charlie the Mud Gawd, Lord of Storms and Rock Baron
Gawd of Slaughter, Drowning and Crushing
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Home Plane: Prime Material (Yinomi)

Bardock’s eldest son was born knowing that the Seed of Earth would be his, as soon as his father passed. Many of the spawn of Earth were devoured by him, to increase his power. It was only the patronage of Dwarves and Peace that kept his last brothers from him. As soon as the Bloodlines faded, Charlie took the opportunity to hurl Michelle from a cliff, ripping the Seed of Water from her chest as she fell.

So it always was, the Mud Gawd survived by destruction. With control over half the elements of creation, no one could take his place. He’s made his play for both Fire and Air, mostly unsuccessfully.

His ongoing war with Crenshar and his followers consumes most of his time, but he still accepts petitioners in person on his throne.

Charzacht the Black Wind
DemiGawd of Pandemonium, Sound and Fury
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Home Plane: Prime Material (Amnestra)

An avatar of Charlie spun off to claim mastery over the broken Seed of Air, he was able to claim two shards and thus became a separate entity. Charzacht has not attained his full potential yet, and seeks to absorb the remaining shards. Once he does, his goal is uncertain. Either he could merge with Charlie to form a trinity of elements, as his creator intended, or he may strike out as a Gawd in his own right. It remains to be seen what he may choose.


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