The 'Crocodile'

Cyberarm replacement weapon

weapon (melee)

The Heavy Combat M1913-A, more commonly known as the “Crocodile” is a combat-based prosthetic arm specialized for demolition work. The Crocodile has no digits, and is instead a large chainsaw with a jaw clamp and a hydraulic pump built into the lower arm replacement. The combination of Mono-filament Chainsaw and Hydraulic Press make it a powerful cutting took as well as bending things apart. The Chainsaw portion can rotate and lock into position so it can be used as a melee weapon as well

It can be used to either press things together or bend them apart (for example two iron bars or grinders fixed in close proximity) with a Complex Action. The power of a hydraulic press is equal to a Strength attribute of 20. Unarmed Combat skill is used to wield this plug-in as a weapon (like a big club hand); to pinch an opponent within the press, the target must be immobile or subdued first (see Subduing, p. 152, SR4).

The top of each chain segment on this portable motorized saw is covered with mono-filament wire. Ideal for cutting through trees, doors, and other immovable objects. When used against barriers, double its Damage Value. The damage listed is for a standard attack with just the chainsaw blade.

The two tools can be used in unison to create a more powerful weapon. The combination of Heavy Slam and Chainsaw can turn the tables in a battle. However, skills like martial arts cannot benefit these attacks due to its unwieldy nature and straightforward methods. Alternatively, the chainsaw can be added to the pinch attack which adds -2 to the attacks AP

Melee Attack Plug-In___________Reach_________________Damage____________________ AP
Hydraulic Press (strike)__________ — _________________(STR ÷ 2+1)P __________________ —
Hydraulic Press (pinch) __________ — __________________ 10P _______________________ –4
Mono-filament Chainsaw _________ 1 ____________________ 5P _______________________ –2
Crocodile Mode _______________ 1 __________________(STR/2 + 3)P __________________ –2

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The 'Crocodile'

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