dedLink is an asocial drone rigger with hacker tendencies and a short fuse.


dedLink was born Lenka Megildr, daughter to auto mechanic Friedrik Megildr and his late wife, the all but unsung poet Beadrix Makavity.

Excelling at technical pursuits from a young age, Lenka soon took up work in her father’s shop. Friedrik trained his daughter to the point that she was nearly his equal in skill, but for lack of experience. For many years, the two worked alongside each other in the auto shop, with Lenka toiling away nights on projects of her own devising. Here and there, Friedrik helped his daughter with little tweaks to improve her designs, but mostly sat back to admire her increasingly proficient work. For a time, all was happy in their home: Lenka and Friedrik pursuing their trade while Beadrix pounded away at her masterpiece. One day, Friedrik promised, his daughter would succeed him in the family business, when he became to tired and his fingers lost their cleverness.

It all came crashing down when Beadrix fell ill. Friedrik was forced to spend more and more time at home, tending to his ailing wife, and while Lenka relished the opportunity to take a larger role in the business, her work too suffered under the growing concern over her mother’s failing health. As the days grew darker, so to were the prospects of Friedrik’s promise to his daughter. More and more the funds from the shop were going right into keeping Beadrix afloat, and of course the family was more important.

After her mother died, Lenka found herself even more responsible for the daily upkeep of the garage, as Friedrik fell into despair. Finally, it became clear that the best might be to sell the business. After all, it was becoming harder to compete with the larger commercial garages in the area, and with Friedrik’s health now on a slow downward spiral, Lenka worried all the more. Friedrik died the following summer, cancer they’d said, but Lenka wondered if there had been more to it, looking back at the grey that had stolen the twinkle from his eyes in those final days.

Without the shop, and without a family, Lenka retreated into the only thing that still made sense in her world. She locked herself in her apartment to tinker with the drones she and her father had labored nights over, and traded the world outside for the world inside her commlink, supporting herself through information theft and media pirating. The machines were her family now.


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