Amnestran Solstice

Turboleopard Talks Tough

The Cat Chats...

Recent allegations involving alleged mass murderer Turboleopard and Sir Lucas Pegasi have been stirring, with the propagation of new trideo feeds and interviews with TL himself that seem to shed light on a deeper story than we’ve yet heard.

The Matrix pioneer and Shade resident known as SkidZ had this to say:

SkidZ: Yeah, this has blown up, all because the Shadows and Pegasi have been in bed together from Day 1. Attempts to trace where either one of them has gone lately have come up with dead links.

You heard it here, folks, both of these figures have vanished into the Matrix.

SkidZ: Has dead me links Pegasi!

Thank you, SkidZ.

*end_transmission *


telemelia telemelia

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