Amnestran Solstice

Turboleopard Talks Tough
The Cat Chats...

Recent allegations involving alleged mass murderer Turboleopard and Sir Lucas Pegasi have been stirring, with the propagation of new trideo feeds and interviews with TL himself that seem to shed light on a deeper story than we’ve yet heard.

The Matrix pioneer and Shade resident known as SkidZ had this to say:

SkidZ: Yeah, this has blown up, all because the Shadows and Pegasi have been in bed together from Day 1. Attempts to trace where either one of them has gone lately have come up with dead links.

You heard it here, folks, both of these figures have vanished into the Matrix.

SkidZ: Has dead me links Pegasi!

Thank you, SkidZ.

*end_transmission *

The Mayhill Murder UPDATE!


The mysterious figure known as Turbo Lepherd is being sought in connection with the heinous murder of Captain Mayhill in his Amnestran villa earlier this week. Previously unreleased magical tracking evidence shows he was present the night of his death.

An anonymous source indicated that the man is a known Shadow Guild assassin with many years and kills. He is to be presumed extremely dangerous. Anyone with any info should contact the Sky Knights or the Penumbra.

He is also being sought in connection with the explosions in Knuckledown.

Terror in Knuckledown

Many of you have recently seen a video feed uploaded to the matrix showing Penumbra Knight and scholar Lucas Pegasi involved in the devastation in the Shade neighborhood of Knuckledown yesterday.

Our analysts have checked the feed front and back for evidence of tampering. The only thing that doesn’t add up is the green glow coming from nowhere. Otherwise there appears to be no evidence.

We were able to reach Mr. Pegasi for comment. "The accident was unfortunate, as was the struggle outside. Luckily, I was able to flee the scene with my life and return to do battle with the culprits. I have sponsored a shelter for those displaced or injured by the damage. Unfortunately, I cannot say more. My official report to the Sky Knights will be made public at the conclusion of their investigation.’

An anonymous source showed us the teleporter records for Sir Pegasi, he was indeed on the scene as depicted in the feed, but left very shortly thereafter.

Financial records show Sir Pegasi was the owner of the building at the center of the explosion, a diner he owned. None of his employees were hurt in the blast, as the diner was shut down for maintenence prior to the incident. According to eyewitness accounts, two repair workers were bribed off the scene by someone who local authorities are calling a ‘person of interest’.


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